Templar Henri from Dramelay is included in the inner circle of the Brotherhood of the Knights Templar Order and learned this skill from which he dared never before dreamed of. 
In the present the couple Herbert & Elisabeth are investigating the Templars. they also encounter inconsistencies in their history and find that the current picture of the Templars is incomplete and distorted reproduced. They begin to question both the story of the Templars and their presence, and soon come to the conclusion that the apparent truth in life is often a lie. How can both stories come together at different times? Through a common special gift of the Templar Henri and the young woman: the vision. 
A travel report in novel form with a very personal note of the author, which should not have been published otherwise.

Book only available in German!!!!


second book:

The story of Henri the young visionary Templar continues: With an incredible commission he travels via Basel, .... to Vienna and learns what the code on his sword is all about. Meanwhile, his mentor and master of the secret order Pierre Borgandion, who keeps an important relic, is arrested by the king's soldiers. In order to avoid unpleasant questions about the relic, here is a falsification of history by many who are related to the arrests of the Templars. The reader learns that the Templars have distributed their relics throughout the country and are forging plans for continued existence. They also worked with the well-known Jewish scholar Rashi from Troyes. Furthermore, for the first time a high Rosicrucian supporter helps the police couple Herbert & Elisabeth in their research and gives them an indication of what is going on with the mysterious Templar frescoesin the southern French church Montsaunes, which is the first in the history of the Rosicrucians. At the same time, Herbert & Elisabeth implement a last wish of their deceased friend concerning this relic of Pierre Borgandion and leading themself to the Vatican. 



 The book will be published soon ..... only in German